The Delivery || Faberry

It was thrusday night. The slightest wind was blowing while Quinn waited to The Berrys appear on her doorstep. This was the last day she gave them to pay their loan, and the vampire was quite curious to see how they would to return such amount of money. And thrust me, it was pretty big money.

Everybody in Lima knew how Leroy and Hiram liked to lavish what they gained. Nothing was the limit for them, their house was reformed every year, their cars was always shine and new, not to mention the enormous amount of gifts that the couple gave their only daughter, Rachel. Came to be absurd as a child could have so many things in so little time. The tide has turned for two men when Hiram’s design company shares began to depreciate in a very fast speed. It doesn’t take to be a genius to know that the bills soon start to be delayed while the couple still struggling to keep old luxuries that they thought it indispensable. They had to asked Quinn for quite risky a loan as a help to bring back everything the bank took, including Rachel’s thrust fund for college.  

When the vampire came to collect, the Berry men begged her for more time to pay off. Quinn gave one more week, just because she thought it was funny see two grow men crawling at his feet for a few more days. Hell, she could gave them a year and those two wouldn’t reunite the amount they owed to her. 

Their SUV stopped in the same time Quinn finished her glass of blood. She walked to the door and prepared her ears for more mourning. It was then the vampire saw her. The bigger one, Leroy, was carry her out in bridal style while his husband, the short bald guy, stayed in the car with very puff eyes. The girl in Leroy’s arms was small, with dark hair, beautiful pink lips, a toned body and had a delicious tan skin. 

"What the hell is this?" Quinn question when the dark skined man leaves the girl in the threshold. "This is how we’ll pay our debts" He answered tooking a few steps away. "This is our daughter Rachel. We know that by the vampire law one of us have to stay as your slave, so Rachel voluntary herself to take the place"

The vampire could sense that he was lying. Rachel’s skin smelled like drug, also they keep the car’s engine running. Seems that the plan was throw the girl there and run away right after. “Fair enough.” She answered with a smirk. It would be good having a slave. Fresh food, somebody to keep her entertained during the days. "Now go, before I change my mind".  Says Quinn, holding Rachel in her arms. Later she pay a visit to them anyway.